Color Me Ageless

One of my very favorite blogs is Advanced Style. Ari Seth Cohen interviews and photographs women around NYC who capture his attention with their style, grace and beauty. The women are all of a “certain age” who defy the concept of aging with vigor and aplomb. This little blog has become my Saturday morning delight as I sit with my toast and tea, taking in the delightfully spunky personalities, personal artistic, stylish expression and the unabashed freedom these women embody. Below are three videos Ari recently posted.

Zelda, in her 90’s, has a love of textiles and cloth, wearing her self-designed creations whenever she leaves her home to let the beauty of the weavers art tell its story.

Ruth is 99 years old, is studying Pilates and still pulls her mat out regularly to move her body with the mantra “Just do it”

Ilona is an artist and recently resurrected performance artist who fills her life with color, teaching and intelligent expression. AND do not miss her eyelashes!

So share the love of all things woman and dust of your colorful self, dance a wild woman dance across the floor and giggle like a young girl at the sheer joy of life. Grab your brightest scarf or don your most amazing earrings as you head out the door – take a walk, qi gong your body, yoga your being, swim your senses, bike under beautiful blue sky, marshal your wisdom; let the world smile at the rainbow of your life ~ AND ~ make sure you smile first!!


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