Blue Star Light Healing

~ Blue Star Light Healing ~


Sadh Bakshish K. Boyd

 ~ Blue Star Light Healer ~
Shaman ~ Intuitive ~ Reiki Master
Blue Star Light Healing is a beautiful high vibration healing energy, which elevates, opens and optimizes possibilities; a lighthouse of clarity. Emanating love and calm while illuminating pathways through shadow and light, fostering expansion into our greatest selves. As a Blue Star Light Healer, this energy magnifies and expands my work as an Intuitive, Shaman and Reiki Master, amplifying clair-sensing to facilitate and provide assistance into an integrative healing, aiding body, mind and spirit.
As an Intuitive, connecting to the body, mind and spirit paradigm and facilitating in the support of health and well-being. Also guidance into the hidden or lost/forgotten realms, dimensions, lineages, systems and or currents, particularly shadow systems which affect the ability to liberate oneself from karma, past lives, familial and entrenched patterns. These can be buried deep within the “DNA” (so to speak) of the soul path and remain unknown to us lifetime after lifetime. We can also “hide” our gifts in the shadow realms as part of a “survival” tactic for safekeeping, like buried treasure. The crux is we can hide them so completely they may stay lost even to ourselves, buried and inaccessible. We forget what they are and who we are as we cycle through death and rebirth.
 Shamanic energy allows for a gentle exploration of the shadow self to reveal the patterns/blocks/limitations as well as the abundance of treasures hidden in the “unconscious” or sleep state. These shadow aspects affects our quality of life, the ability to be released from troubling patterns, creating a dissatisfaction or a sense of uncertainty/futility;, a two steps forward three steps back type scenario. Rediscovering our treasure aids in remembering who we are, to awaken form our sleep state and merge with Pure Consciousness of Divine Love.
Reiki (positive Universal energy) is integrated throughout the healing treatment or designated as a specific healing treatment to awaken or ignite life force healing. Reiki integrates beautifully with other modalities in opening blocked or resistant energies within the body.By working through challenging familial patterns, traumas, addictions, belief systems, karmas, and shine a soft light of compassion within our tender places of fear, doubt and forgetfulness. The shamanic guidance explores the unconscious trappings bringing the gifts within our shadow-self into the light to be accessed and assimilated into our awareness, as well as bringing the “scary” aspects of our shadow self into the illuminated light of love so we can determine how to best heal our broken and lost places.
~“Sadh Bakshish brings compassion and wisdom to her sessions. She is able to see the unseen, which is a very beautiful healing quality, and can cut through any personal confusion as she offers clarity and direction to her clients.” ~ Cathy Tarn K. Clough, Reiki Master



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