About Sadh Bakshish Kaur


I grew up upon the riches of the California coastline  in Santa Cruz County. The changing culture of the 60’s and sacred upbringing deeply impacted and influenced my way of being, thinking and perceiving. The oldest child in a large family, with a sensitive, intuitive and curious nature along with a penchant for solitude, led me into a love of observing the natural world and human behavior, as well as instilling an awareness of the Unseen and Unknown.
I am a healer, artist and writer; wife, mother and grandmother living in the High Desert of Central Oregon, surrounded by sand, sage, juniper, lava rocks, blue skies and blue water. I originally created this blog in response to requests from those who have an interest in my writings, artistic endeavors and healing work.
It has  provided me with a creative outlet to share my passions from the serious, to the sublime and everything in between. This blog/website has been a place for expressing and exploring my thoughts about healing, creativity, celebration and liberation, as well as a reference for my healing work (see Blue Star Light Healing page). I hope you find something in its content which proves to be inspiring and of interest. I would love to hear your thoughts.
Love & Light,
Sadh Bakshish Kaur

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