BOO ~~ Happy Halloween ~ Samhain ~ Day of The Dead

In the thinning of the veil, celebration of ancestors, end of the harvest and shortening of the “light” day as we move into the time of winter and earth sleep . . . in the falling of leaves where trees reveal their skeletons and soil cools to cold . . . with the scent of apples, spices; bounty gathered; for those ancestors who have gone before us; their remembrance sharing the family gathering, stories told around a table, a fire ~ a saint story ~ ~ ~ a ghost story. In the shift of darkening days, buzzing bees, sprinkler play and berry gathering fading into the background of summer past ~ leaves scatter, blooms fade. Don the costumes, light the bonfire and jack 0′ lanterns, fill the cups and spread the table, assemble bounty as offering upon the altar of thanksgiving, layout the sweets; sugar, skulls and treats; the past and present walk the earth in the altogether.