Sheila Kelley & The New Wave of The Sacred Feminine ~ A Ted Talk

A woman I know was invited by Sheila Kelley, founder of S Factor to come and take a complimentary S Factor class. She fell in love with S Factor and immediately enrolled. She called me in tears saying the classes touched and moved something deep inside of her so profoundly she could not let it go. That a profound healing of her femininity and sexuality was unfolding moment by moment. When I last saw her I noticed not only how toned her body was but how confident she felt about herself, how she moved with a freedom and beauty and a smile on her face. I did not once hear her ask me “do I look okay in this, do you think I look fat, I hate this or that part of my body”. Her self-deprecation was just not there. She talked with love and enthusiasm about her love for S Factor and how thankful she is everyday that this came to her, that she gets to dance this beautiful body story, discover her “erotic creature” and play on the pole. With not once ounce of self-consciousness or embarrassment she offered to show me some of her dance. It was amazing and so beyond gorgeous. I am so pleased for her, for her ability to take the healing of her own sensual/sexual being in hand and own who she is.
I was recently sent this video of Sheila Kelley’s Ted Talk. Wow!! There is so much I could say here but Sheila says it all… and so passionately. Take time to watch, and pass it on.

A TED Talks Twofer

TED Talks ~ I love them. When I get a moment and am so inspired, I take a gander into TED Talks land and see what is new and inspiring, innovative and revealing, expansive and cutting edge. There are many things happening in our world which bring concern and challenges… and there are many things which are instigating change in the way we think, live and experience, not only this planet but the greater realm of being and the vast complex existence we all share. Take a little time out for TED. Hear the voices and see the faces; smart, intelligent, compassionate, innovators… the list goes on and on, as we all do everyday.


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