A Poetic Stand

If you stand ankle deep in happiness will it resound pure and true like tinkling bells with every step you take. 
If you stand knee deep in love will it make you buckle and bend in awe of so much; rising again to the day.
If you stand waist deep in joy will you ring out with belly laughs fit for the work of a jester courting the delights of life.

If you stand chest deep in compassion will it soften knots wound round your heart and the hearts of those met in the passing.

If you stand neck deep in kindness will you press your cheeks one to another knowing the other is you.

If you stand brow deep in bliss will you shine forth as a lighthouse guiding others to the promise of Light and Love.

If you lie down under the tree of destiny, drip drops of nectar to cover thee, will you rise up to stand ankle deep in happiness . . .

Sadh Bakshish Boyd

Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day!

It is a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, birds singing, butterflies flitting, blossoms blooming. There is much happening in our world these days to cast a shadow upon the light; yet again it is a beautiful day. All the tumultuous  and raucous echoes of hardship and grief bounce off the surfaces to rebound rebound rebound; yet it is a beautiful day. The burden of loss sifts into the floorboards and becomes the dust we wash from our feet; yet it is a beautiful day. Things beyond our control burn up the crops, flood the plains and break the shoreline; yet it is a beautiful day. All the rockin’ and rollin’ of the physical planet and Her inhabitants is dizzying; yet it is a beautiful day. In the midst of one thing, there is another. . . and it is a beautiful day.

Beautiful Day ~ original poem by Sadh Bakshish Kaur

Beautiful Day by Aykanna

Original mandala artwork by Paul Heussenstamm

Come Forth

Come forth O Soul.

Come forth and be the true Light

Of my Being.

Walk forth with me,

Stand tall within my spine,

Breathe the depth of breath into my lungs.

Reach into the Heart of the Divine.

Be my cup.

Fill me to overflow.

Baptize me in the waters

Of the mysteries of thy spirit.

Be my imprint, my skin,

My Truth and Totality

Within the realm of God.

Be my Mother, my Father.

My honor, my frailty, my humanness.

Be my companion on the road.

Hold me to my Truth,

Do not separate.

Come forth with me into every

Note of my radiant song.

The eternal melody that trills the

Dawn of Love.

O Soul come forth.

Draw me close, enter as a lover.

Whisper soul sonnets in my ear.

Caress and sing me the

Song of the lost traveler

Too long from home.

I shall never leave… I shall never leave.

Bliss lies within the Breath of my Soul.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur

Indwell, Indwell

This is a good day. This is a good life. From where I live love abounds. Indwell, indwell. Where is the doubt, the fear? What do I have to forfeit to entertain them? No today, not tomorrow…not now. There are prayers to pray and love to give, kindness to share, devotion to serve…and beauty… beauty everywhere.

There are hills and valleys, cached with abundance, each to their measure, sure to enrich my life with wisdom and compassion. If I sojourn in a valley for a time, let me remember when the air gets a bit thick and heavy, upon the peaks the air is equally sharp and thin. It is the mid-ground I compass point, providing clearest vision of the highs and lows. I am thankful for the hindsight and foresight inherent in the stillness of practice.

In the heart, in the subtle space, in the flow, in the birthright …shall I forget the promise? In the crown, in the mantle, upon the brow …shall I forget the commission? In the remembering, in the knowing, in the carriage…I speak the Name and I Be.

Lest in a moment, I chance to forget, I place myself amongst the Saints of the Holy, and am brought back upon the sound currents of the Sacred; to the hearth, to the home of my Beloved. In the nectar, within the cup, upon my lips, I draw in this day. In this goodness, in this surrender….Indwell, indwell.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur

Lotus Love – The Kiss of Light

In the sacredness of this day,
I sit upon the lotus flower and
inhale soundly the fragrance of Holy incense.

Deep within the center of the blossom,
upon the throne of the Adi Shakti,
the Goddess of creation plaits her hair;
glistening with the dew of ambrosial nectar.

Holy, Holy is her breath; perfumed by her
transcendent purity. Inhale her scent fully
in the truth of golden knowing; bow deep,
heartened awareness of her complete fruition.

Purest melodies couple in the current of her
voice; stroking…whispering…nurturing
the pulse of seed and ova…coaxing the
still-point of conception from her petaled womb.

Flow, flow; merge through the throne of bliss.
Gather root-deep the mysteries of cosmic tides;
sail the world ocean upon the blooming lily bed;
birthing, bestowing; Kiss of Light upon the brow.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur Boyd

A Girl Child: The Voice of Dreams

“Someday”, said the girl, “I will write a book or create a ballet. I will climb the highest mountain and view the world from the steepest peak. Maybe I will captain my own ship and live on a tiny island with the most brilliantly colored butterflies. I will become an architect and design a magical castle. It will have a stream that runs right through the middle of it, with ferns growing up from the floor. At night I will fall asleep listening to the sound of the water running through the night of my castle. If I want to,
I might live like a Bedouin in the desert, riding a camel with bells tinkling from the hems of my robes. I may perform a one woman play or be the genius behind a great rock and roll band…and being a scientist would be awesome. I will make new discoveries to help all the people. They will be happier, not worry so much, and feel
less angry. I’ll compose beautiful music, so people won’t be afraid to be alone, or even to die. I will hold babies that are sick and sing them songs which will make them feel much better. Perhaps I will plant a huge garden where people can pick flowers and vegetables. Everyone will have something pretty to look at and always have food to eat. I will smile at everybody so they won’t feel so sad and tell them stories of faraway places. I will plant lots and lots of trees and then sit and listen to them. I will have great adventures and be very brave. Yep, someday, someday when I am big, I will do something amazing”.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur

White Shell House

White Shell House

I dreamed of a house with white shells.
Brilliant and clean in the sun
Soft and cool in the moon.
Windchimes – shells tinkled in the breeze,
and a sign on the wall…
“Welcome to White Shell House”.

In the turning of the soil, white shells
were unearthed.
I wore Mother of Pearl beads around my neck,
and walked through this house as
White Shell Woman –
sage stick in hand, hair down my back
white robe trailing behind me.

A marriage of sea and desert.
White shells amoung the lava rock, sagebrush
and sand.
White shells in hand….
bringing the home to my people.

White Shell Woman as I,
sipped tea together in my garden,
in the sun, in the moon –
A sea bloomed in the desert.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur