Beads of Summer


ImageIt is midsummer, azure blue skies, singing birds.  These two things alone bring such delight into my day. I revel in the feel of them, the pure bliss of their presence. The Allman Brothers sing “…you’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day…” oh the love love.

 One gorgeous sunny day connects with every delicious sunny day I have ever known, like beautiful beads on a long strand of life. Some have little birds on them, others flowers or bugs, and some cool crystal water with watermelon colored rims. A sweet bead holds the heart of summer love and another the graceful waves of green grasses waving in cooling breezes. Bead after bead, multi-colored millefiori, a thousand flowers, faceted and plain, bold and soft, prismatic and opaque, to play through my fingers as mala beads with their mantra of scent and sound. They wrap and drape whispering their stories, reminders of continuity and returns.
 To cherish; to treat and hold as dear; to prize, treasure; to nurture. And as such I cherish these days, these beads of summer and hold them dear; prized, treasures of golden booty, aquamarine lined. And I nurture them with thanks and gratitude in simple appreciation for their bounty rich patina, bead strands layered in color and texture. Sing to these days, harmonize with the birds, flutter as butterflies, adorn in the colors of the summer rose or a field of wildflowers. Don the diamonds of morning dew glistening upon the web of Grandmother Spider, good weavings to herald the days. Feel the sun upon your skin and hair; sweet kisses to make young the love of the mighty heart. Dance fairy light; rompin’ rowdy; move, move your feet upon the grass, sand, earth, clay… but stir it up, gather beads and string them high and low.  Gather them as a storyteller; let them burst upon summers tongue and tease the palate for more… more. Nurture up, big, deep and wide. Nurture the summer within and without with delicious light and bright. Hold them cherished; beautiful bountiful beads of lush summery goodness.

Summer Solstice 2013

ImageHappy  Summer  Solstice!

Started out the early morning on the back patio surrounded by beautiful flowers and fruit trees with a nice dose of yogic stretching and chanting. The sprinkles started before the mats went down, nice and gentle and of course kicked in to a steady rain. It was perfect even though eventually we had to throw in the towel (or grab the towel) and move indoors. Aromatic yogi tea and cool summer rain is an enticing combo. The morning now sits quiet under a gray sky, the land wet and watered. Birds are beginning to sing and it is time for breakfast.

I am thankful for the length of days, long light in the sky and the rich sun energy. I am thankful for the sounds of the day, the scents and textures, the human-ness through which I experience their tangible qualities.  I am thankful for chant music and the beauty of sound current which transcends and elevates. I am thankful for yoga and breath, through which the disciplines of my life are engaged over and over and limitations are challenged and overcome. It doesn’t matter whether I am happy in a day, sad or otherwise, I have the day. I have the day, to make of it what I choose. It is a gift of life. Have a day filled with whatever you choose, from the first full breath of morning to last settled breath taking you into sleep. My your day bring life.

Sheila Kelley & The New Wave of The Sacred Feminine ~ A Ted Talk

A woman I know was invited by Sheila Kelley, founder of S Factor to come and take a complimentary S Factor class. She fell in love with S Factor and immediately enrolled. She called me in tears saying the classes touched and moved something deep inside of her so profoundly she could not let it go. That a profound healing of her femininity and sexuality was unfolding moment by moment. When I last saw her I noticed not only how toned her body was but how confident she felt about herself, how she moved with a freedom and beauty and a smile on her face. I did not once hear her ask me “do I look okay in this, do you think I look fat, I hate this or that part of my body”. Her self-deprecation was just not there. She talked with love and enthusiasm about her love for S Factor and how thankful she is everyday that this came to her, that she gets to dance this beautiful body story, discover her “erotic creature” and play on the pole. With not once ounce of self-consciousness or embarrassment she offered to show me some of her dance. It was amazing and so beyond gorgeous. I am so pleased for her, for her ability to take the healing of her own sensual/sexual being in hand and own who she is.
I was recently sent this video of Sheila Kelley’s Ted Talk. Wow!! There is so much I could say here but Sheila says it all… and so passionately. Take time to watch, and pass it on.

The Power of Music ~ Can I Get A Witness!!

Take a little time out today to sing, dance, turn up the volume; make a happy noise, put a little tap in your step, feel the love, share the love and wing-up your soul! That’s right, don’t delay, put a smile in your heart and Go…


Smiles on the Metro


Music is The Sound of My soul


One World ~ Let’s Give Some Love Away


~Also a shout out to another great source for innovative and delightful videos.

Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring ~ Happy Rebirth and Renewal

Here is a slideshow of delightful vintage Easter postcards and vintage spring art (Molly Brett) hearkening do days gone by of simple ways and the joys of children, spring, egg hunts, Easter parade, Easter bonnets; bunnies, decorated eggs, daffodils, new born life and celebration…

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…and a little Mendelssohn Spring Song …

BOO ~~ Happy Halloween ~ Samhain ~ Day of The Dead

In the thinning of the veil, celebration of ancestors, end of the harvest and shortening of the “light” day as we move into the time of winter and earth sleep . . . in the falling of leaves where trees reveal their skeletons and soil cools to cold . . . with the scent of apples, spices; bounty gathered; for those ancestors who have gone before us; their remembrance sharing the family gathering, stories told around a table, a fire ~ a saint story ~ ~ ~ a ghost story. In the shift of darkening days, buzzing bees, sprinkler play and berry gathering fading into the background of summer past ~ leaves scatter, blooms fade. Don the costumes, light the bonfire and jack 0′ lanterns, fill the cups and spread the table, assemble bounty as offering upon the altar of thanksgiving, layout the sweets; sugar, skulls and treats; the past and present walk the earth in the altogether.

Breaks…Magic & Miracles

I have received complaints and inquiries into why I have not posted anything new for a bit. Every once in awhile a break from blogging is in order. Life gets busy, things shift, nothing new to say… Bogging is commentary after all, and sometimes … there are no comments to be made, thoughts to be shared, pictures to post, poetry to pronounce or art to display. And it is nice to let it be…and right now when I view my blog I see the beauty of Frida Kahlo’s expression and hear the strains of Leonard Cohen raspy earthy voice in his written words and it pleases me…with that being said…

Miracles and Magic

watercrystal2_ezr.jpgIn the midst of the holidays, between Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice there is a co-mingling of traditions. They sit individually, yet converge and merge during this calender time. Simple, simple simple is how I tend to myself, my home and my interaction with all this abundance of cohesive and conflicting energies. A pot of kitcheree on the stove, candles burning, chant music soft and purposeful, cookies baking, lights twinkling… flow, breath, open, allow, yes to this, no to that, let’s see to another… I experience it as currents and like birds, ride the currents which will provide the desired result…

crystal_gratitude_ilca.jpgAnd in the flow I find the magic. Is there not an abundance of magic and miracles this time of year? You see, I love that. So much, so much, and it calls to my child-self with delight. This provides a balance amidst the potentials of derailment as obligations, emotions, commerce and chaos also cluster in and around this time as well. My senses and emotional body can quickly become overstimulated and inundated creating confusion. So I slow it all down and sit at my magic hearth and stir my miraculous pot, bake cookies sprinkled with Christmas sugar, burn candles to gather the Solstice night and light the sacred oil of Hanukkahs past; rippling and radiating out and through in an overflowing river of rebirth, renewal and return.