Color Me Kindness

A compassionate woman extended a beautiful act of kindness towards myself and my husband last night. I was so thankful and filled with gratitude I did a little dance of joy around my kitchen table. Everyday miracles, answers to prayer are extended through kindness everyday, all day from one being to another. Most come in a simple form, for kindness is a humble sharing. Some come in big bold packages for that is the vehicle it arrives in, nonetheless, the giving and receiving end of the gift of kindness leaves its mark upon us. It opens up our hearts and allows the blossoms of love, generosity, and compassion to fill our cup. It is a grand running over as we are filled to the brim. When we extend kindness it is not bound by linear action, it moves forward, backward, sideways, up and below. It moves through, around, beyond. Kindness can be given where there is love or no love, forgiveness or not, anger or peace. It can be present at all times and in all circumstances. Kindness is an endless grace which softens the hardest of hearts, healing in the gentle sweep of its extension; innocence and purity personified. It is truly a hallelujah moment. Sharing kindness brings a gift to others and ourselves, as the old adage is true “In the giving is the receiving”. Pay it forward 🙂


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