A Little Here, A Little There, A Little Everywhere

I will be away for the next 10 days to 2 weeks. In the meantime I am posting a few “love” notes. . .

~ Be happy, be well, be mindful, be kind, be the One you have been waiting for ~ “work out your own salvation with awe and trembling”, the journey of life . . . and know that God is GOOD. Share goodness and drop all the other b.s., look to the heart and live the truth of your existence, know who you SERVE, be brave, bold and beautiful, and don’t forget to pray and dance, my favorite Supersize!! life combo.

Start with a little POV (point of view via karmatube)

Boonaa Mohammed “Kill Them With Love”


A little music for the love of voice.

Edith Piaf ~ C’est Un Monsieur Très Distingu


Fear A Bhata ~ Niamh Parsons


Wise words from my wise brother Tim . . .”Faith is not built so much on what God has done in the lives of others.  Faith is built on remembering what God has done in each of our lives personally.  Faith is built on remembering…”

Remember creativity is limitless . . .


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