Passion Up!!

Find your passion and let it flow, let it ride in the wind, traipse across the sands, kiss the peaks, travel the rapids. Let it rise up from your belly and bloom upon your fingertips. Let it lose time and visit in your dreams. Let it be your muse and insist on expression. Let it capture your imagination and bring a smile to your lips and joy to your heart. Passion Up!!! … and CREATE.

Some inspiring and innovative passions.

Wind Powered Art ~ pretty innovative and amazing.


Whenever I find myself at the beach (which is as often as I can get there) I walk along the beach and gather a stick, some seaweed, bits of driftwood and shells and create a piece of artwork. Not even close to the grandness and sophistication of the artist in the video, but a simple  love offering of what beauty I can create in those moments. I create for the love of the art, for the love of life and in offering and gratitude to the beauty and majesty. In my own way it is a humble bowing to the unwavering goodness and grandness of God. And then it is gone, washed away by the tide. And it makes me smile every time. Create for the sake of creating, not for permanence. Permanence will always carry on, but the moment, the moment needs to be embraced now.


For those regular readers of my blog you all know how I feel about dancing! Dancing is exuberant and ecstatic creativity. So here it is the ultimate get up and dance video. And again, brothers and sisters, get up and dance, get up and dance, get up and DANCE!!!


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