Summers Gentle Spaces: View From The Back Stoop

My granddaughters lie on a blanket under the sun after dosing themselves with sunscreen and loading up their arms with books, pillows and necessities for the morning. The wind chimes tinkle and the scent of peonies drifts across the patio. Tree leaves rustle soft then more as the breeze waxes and wanes. Iris bloom behind the bird bath and the chives blossoms are drying up, graying from purple to lavender and crisp to the touch. My clothesline sits empty awaiting sheets heading into the wash, where when hung will sway in the breeze and bring the scent of sun-dried linens into the bedrooms and soft gentle sleep. Gerbera daisies bloom bright to the eye; contrast the brown soil and green grass; terracotta pots wait to be filled with flora color and bake warm under the summertime sun. White lilacs fade back into their green foliage and a lavender bleeding heart sends her strings of heartening blooms into the day. Bird songs and chickens clucking mingle with granddaughter giggles reading silly books ~ Silly Pooh; Johnny Jump Ups with purple orange faces trim the day; cornflower blue skies and honeysuckle.

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