Saturday Morning & Things I Know For Sure

It is a cloudy overcast Saturday morning as I sit to consider my blog. It has been a week with tragic losses, awareness, self-care, rest, Sex and The City 2 – twice, and cleansing; meaning greens and more greens. Good thing I love them as much as I do and the garden is bursting with rich shades of leafy greens 🙂

So today is the day for Things I Know For Sure. Here are few in no particular order:

This too shall pass

Tea is one of the most powerful cure all’s I know. It restores, nurtures, quiets, balances. Nothing may be different after the cup of tea than before, but it doesn’t matter, you had tea.

Step away from the drama – yes, just step away. Let the drama carry on WITHOUT you. Find a quiet place and have a cup of tea.

Don’t trust emotions to tell the truth or guide in the appropriate direction. Emotions are indicators not guideposts. An emotional response is just that – an emotional response which generally doesn’t take us anywhere except into itself. Listen to the emotion as it maybe the bearer of  information or potential awareness one is seeking, but  emotion in and of itself  never provides the answer. If one builds their life on their emotional responses they will live their life as a stormy sea with no safe harbors  = (see below)

♣  Neurosis is the gateway to psychosis (ouch!)

Flowers instantly change the energy of a home. Treat yourself.

Dear Friends – yes dear friends are like little marriages. They need to be given time, availability, nurturing, room for change, time apart and together, compassion, tolerance, appreciation, honesty, joy, lots of laughter, listening, adjustments, tea and lots of shopping. I wouldn’t trade them for anything, they are gold. Treat them as such for the rewards are great and they truly teach us who we are, as friendships are powerful mirrors and a brave endeavor.

To thine own self be true. This is not a platitude but an invaluable knowledge.

A bath is one of life’s simple pleasures. A wonderful little soak is truly bliss ~ bubbles and oils are not an option they are necessities.

Trust one’s sense, gut, intuition as they are the most powerful and God-given gift of our own truth and awareness. Do not let one’s mind override the intuition or gut, it is ALWAYS counter productive and will bring a cost. Trust and obey our knowing.

Be wary of the mind. It is a remarkable resource, but it also serves it own agenda. Instead look to the heart and let the truth of our heart serve to direct the mind. The mind should serve the heart, not the other way around.

Dance, dance and dance some more. Kundalini yoga master, Yogi Bhajan said if you dance for 30 minutes everyday one would never need to meditate as it takes care of everything. I say dance and meditate, this way we are way ahead of the game!

If I judge myself, I will judge you. If I judge you, I will judge myself. This way of living only creates pain and suffering. A neutral mind releases the judging mind and creates a pathway to liberation.

  Take joy in simple things. Delight will be found around every corner and it is ours for the receiving.

Be mindful of words and whenever possible choose kindness.

Compassion and kindness do not necessarily mean sweet and gentle. Do not get them confused. Compassion and kindness serve the greater purpose. Compassion is not empathy either. Empathy commiserates, compassion elevates, it is that simple.

Be blissful, bountiful and beautiful ~ in this space nothing can touch one and it serves well.

Laugh and don a beautiful color, it makes for a light heart and childlike delight.

Fret less, create happiness and remember in the long run very little truly matters – so say one’s prayers and live life.


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