International Women’s Day

Several years back I was asked to write and read an opening prayer for an International Women’s project. In celebration and awareness of International  Women’s Day here is that prayer.

Women Gather

As women we gather. We gather for the innate love of each other. We gather to hear our voices, tell our stories, create ceremony; we gather sisterhood. We gather for our mothers, sisters, daughter, granddaughters ~ we gather for those who came before and those who will follow. We gather because it sits ancient in our bones, born upon the child bed, beside the riverbed, beyond the deathbed. We tend the hearth of our homes and communities both outside our stoop and around the globe. From the fires of our hearths we nurture our bodies, minds and spirits feeding the world. We bring forth the ready abundance of the Great Mother to nourish and sustain, ensuring the well being of all. We nurse and care for our grandmothers and babies in due course following the natural rhythms of womanhood. We plant our roots deep and open our faces to the sky and together we dance, sing, pray; we love and laugh. Women heart to heart, side by side on the lengthening road of womanhood.

As women we are compassionate visionary beings, weaving the colors of our dreams into cloth to clothe and protect in times of need and celebration. We Are. We are mountains, rivers and valleys. We are the deserts, oceans and wastelands. We are the rays of the moon, the sighs in the wind . . . and we move. We are an army of valiant, empowered, strengthened, wise, purposeful women. Our tears pattern the dust and we keep moving. If you want to move a mountain, call a woman. For when a woman sets her heart to prayer, her prayer to action and her action to revolution – the mountain will surely move ~ and the voice of the women sing out ~

“Love – within the mountain is the heart of love. It called our name and together we moved”.


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