Prayer ~ Flash Mob Om

This is very beautiful . . . and inspiring. Prayer is the sound current of love. For all the prayer taking place around the globe every moment of everyday – my deepest gratitude. To understand there is not a moment at any given time not resonating with prayer is utterly amazing to me. I am praying, you are praying, we are praying. When we consider the challenges we face daily upon the planet, every people, every species, the Mother herself – while held in prayer. Let us not have to consider what this world would look like without the sacred sound of  prayer continually emanating from prayerful beings. This is what it looks like with a constant chorus of prayerful voices. From the temples, synagogues, churches, gudwaras;  from homes, cars, offices;  from our elders, children, neighbors, co-workers; on our knees, faces, bellies – foreheads to the floor; in our chairs, planes, trains; with our malas,  rosaries, devotionals, sacred texts. For kindness, healing, leadership, compassion, for peace, love, wholeness and balance. For protection, shelter, forgiveness, prosperity,  salvation. Shalom, namaste, amen, sat nam,  salaam.  Let us move beyond differences of religion and the prejudices which reside in the “he, she, they, them” mentality. Let us touch  in the awareness we are all the same, we all pray for the same things and let the chorus of languages rise up, rise up as a pleasing  fragrance  and change the world with the scents and sounds of LOVE. Let us keep on keepin’ on ~ PRAY ~ speak it, sing it, chant it ~ BE IT


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