Grandmother Love

It’s time for me to express my love for the Grandmothers. Grandmother love is the way of the future, the way of the past and certainly the present. I extol their virtues and spread their fame far and wide. Look up, look out and see the hands of the Grandmothers, hear their hearts, give them love. They come with vision, they come with hope, prayer and purpose.

Rise up, Rise up and be wise. Lead with love and strength, speak truth with power and compassion and be The One, be The One. For if I am the One and you are the One and we come forth as the One, merged with the One, standing as the One then the One is before us, within us and manifest through us.  No more waiting – Be Here Now. So drum, sing and dance, pray, light the fire and gather, bless the water, the land, the sky; be sage, be sacred, be true. Participate. Tell your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors. Honor the ancestors, guides and elders; Coming down from the mountains, rising up from the seas bringing the Love. Singing the Love. Sharing the Love. Drumming the Love ~ Grandmother Love.

The International Council of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers is a wise commission of Grandmothers across the globe who came together out of vision, a vision of healing. They travel worldwide sharing this vision of  hope with a commitment to be what they can, where they can, to whom they can in the belief it will pay itself forward.

Check out their website at :

And look for a screening of their film For The Next 7 Generations at:


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