Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe

I love the work and music of Patti Smith, poet and artist, her sparse eloquent style is intelligent, modeling  Beat honesty, provoking social consciousness, influencing and influenced by artists she shares(d) space alongside. I remember as a child  the beatniks and hippies and being utterly fascinated by their intensity, largess and mystery. In reading Just Kids, Ms. Smiths memoir and ode to New York City, her enduring love story and relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe, invokes purposeful etchings upon my life whose influence  still walks with me and continues to influence those whose space I share alongside; Revolutions revolving.

I was thinking today that there are artists and then there are ARTISTS. The artists  who stand above the others, who artists recognize as true artists, setting the bar of excellence with hope to emulate is some fashion a portion of such talent and expression. Patti Smith is an ARTIST. Recognized and honored and continuing to create; A model of voice and grace.

…and a younger Patti from back in the day…

I love Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower photography. As morally controversial as aspects of his work continue to be, his flowers are stunning in their minimalistic purity. Not all his work is to my liking, but here it is truly beautiful. Here are two flower photos by Mapplethorpe.


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