Return, Return, Return, Return

I am thinking of an old song which goes “The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, Return, Return, Return, Return…” Sitting to write my first blog entry in over a year the words and melody from this song flow into my mind. It is sung as a round in the old tradition by a lovely group of women named Libana who sing old sacred earth chants oh so beautifully. This is one of the songs on their cd titled A Circle Is Cast available through

Cast a circle – circles form the perfect returns, well this is the prayer. If I find myself returning to the same ol’ same ol’ over and over again it behooves me to take a closer look at said circle and repetitious view cast by the arc of “circlage”.  Familiarity maybe lovely, but redundancy is a bore, not to mention a persistent indicator of unfinished karma insistent upon receiving due attention. Yet the nature of karmic circles are a message of grace and an opportunity to heal, restore, release and awaken. My prayer in returns is older, wiser, broader, smarter, kinder, deeper, sweeter, greater, lesser … and new horizons as the old passes away to make room for the new. Great balance is the hallmark of a sound circle, harmonious and promising good returns.  The wibbles and wobbles reveal where there is still work to be done,  emphasizing where stability is required to ensure the ability to go the rounds with ease and grace.

Every year spring returns familiar yet always fresh. Familiar and fresh is a beautiful way to experience a circle merging the tried and true with the new and adventurous.

Know your circles, create your circles, be your circles. Be they a circle of friends, circle of prayer, drumming circle, fitness circle, healing circles, chant and meditation, art, reading, writing circle, sacred circle, dream circles, music, sustainability circles, neighborhood/community circles; whatever suits your fancy and purpose … Great circles foster creativity, delight, support, challenge, commonality, endeavors, sisters, brothers, purpose, acknowledgment, validation, sharing, action. Circles are a powerful tool of connection and involve the ancient art of storytelling in one form or another… and returns. Always the returns.


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