Biking Zen…and the Art of Orange Pearl

For our 33rd wedding anniversary my husband bought me a beautiful orange bicycle. Now I must say I LOVE this bike!! It is an Electra Townie 7 speed. I ride to town, around town, downtown, on the path, on the street, up the hill, over the hill, around the hill. Needless to say I ride my bike!! These days I begrudge having to start up the car and drive anywhere. I find myself recalculating time frames to allow for biking time to and from whatever is scheduled for the day. Sahaj and I bike down to the coffee stand on the weekends. He gets his coffee and I get my chai. It is a lovely time together, sitting at the table outside in the early morning sunlight and visiting about our week, our thoughts, the garden; we discuss the economy, green living, family and how our lives and perspectives have shifted in our fifites. (We both are enjoying our 50’s).

Library books, DVDs, produce etc. get loaded into the bike packs and it is over the river and through the woods (well not really, more like across the street and down into the canyon), which brings me to my favorite part of any given bike ride…the canyon. There is this beautiful dry canyon which runs through our town. Several years back they created a path. There is 3 miles (and still more to come) of trail to ride, walk, run, stroller, roller blade. Everyday, every time…this canyon path is bliss. In the summer, in the morning, it is cool and quiet. Lizards scamper, rock chucks whistle, hawks soar, beetles scurry. No worries. No worries. I make sure no matter where I am biking or whatever errands need to be run I in the end make the final leg of my ride down on the canyon path. Just me and my orange pearl bike cruisin’ the canyon trail, packs filled with books to read, fruit to eat and delightful simplicity.


3 thoughts on “Biking Zen…and the Art of Orange Pearl

  1. This is like the best post ever. I just love the image of you on your bike in the canyon and biking around Redmond that pops into my head when I read this.

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