2008 ~ New Beginnings

For the past 7 or 8 years I have spent New Years morning in group sadhana at the Tumalo Yoga Center. Rising at 3:15 to arrive at sadhana for Japji by 4:00. The deep predawn hours of the amrit vela, quiet and unassuming in the freshness of the new year. This year I choose to stay home and do sadhana, sitting before the altar with candles lit in prayer and chanting. It was very quiet. Very simple…and sometimes it is time to do something different, to change our flow or pattern and create new ways. New year, new ways, new beginnings. It seems to be the theme. No one to encourage me out of the warmth of my bed but myself, to sit, just to sit and commit. There is a grandness and life to group energy, yet there is also a loveliness and sacredness in the solo ventures which is honest, pure and true. 2008; new beginnings, new ways. While we left old patterns, belief systems, habits and limitations behind in 2007, now we open to the new. All the hard work of recognizing and releasing in 2007 is behind us and we can step into the new freshness and opportunities which have come from this awareness. So much vibrancy and support is available for where we put our thoughts, focus and ventures. New ideas of how to move through what once would have stymied are present and potent. I want to be aware of where I am at and truly tend to what is calling my attention. What have I been putting on the back burner while I attend to other more pressing needs in this past year? Where do I feel fresh vibrancy in what once felt stuck and rigid? What feels fertile and mysterious? What resounds with the sounds of synchronicity? What cycles are presenting themselves in the Wheel of Change? In the sitting of sadhana what do I find? In the rhythm of Japji what flows in my consciousness? So onward and forward. I have work to do and effort to exercise and being in the nothingness to attend to. I am curious to see what my experience will be amidst the changes in the days of living. Happy New Year everyone. Good fortune to us all in this year. May we bless and be blessed.    

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