Breaks…Magic & Miracles

I have received complaints and inquiries into why I have not posted anything new for a bit. Every once in awhile a break from blogging is in order. Life gets busy, things shift, nothing new to say… Bogging is commentary after all, and sometimes … there are no comments to be made, thoughts to be shared, pictures to post, poetry to pronounce or art to display. And it is nice to let it be…and right now when I view my blog I see the beauty of Frida Kahlo’s expression and hear the strains of Leonard Cohen raspy earthy voice in his written words and it pleases me…with that being said…

Miracles and Magic

watercrystal2_ezr.jpgIn the midst of the holidays, between Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice there is a co-mingling of traditions. They sit individually, yet converge and merge during this calender time. Simple, simple simple is how I tend to myself, my home and my interaction with all this abundance of cohesive and conflicting energies. A pot of kitcheree on the stove, candles burning, chant music soft and purposeful, cookies baking, lights twinkling… flow, breath, open, allow, yes to this, no to that, let’s see to another… I experience it as currents and like birds, ride the currents which will provide the desired result…

crystal_gratitude_ilca.jpgAnd in the flow I find the magic. Is there not an abundance of magic and miracles this time of year? You see, I love that. So much, so much, and it calls to my child-self with delight. This provides a balance amidst the potentials of derailment as obligations, emotions, commerce and chaos also cluster in and around this time as well. My senses and emotional body can quickly become overstimulated and inundated creating confusion. So I slow it all down and sit at my magic hearth and stir my miraculous pot, bake cookies sprinkled with Christmas sugar, burn candles to gather the Solstice night and light the sacred oil of Hanukkahs past; rippling and radiating out and through in an overflowing river of rebirth, renewal and return.


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