Lovin’ Halloween

grinning-lit-jack-o-lanterns-surrounding-and-filling-a-tree-photographic-print-c12081931.jpegI love Halloween…it is  sheer delight. As a child my Aunt Bev threw the best Halloween parties, including scavenger hunts and ghostly spooky delights. We trekked the neighborhoods with pillowcases in hand and a list of all the things we must gather before the stroke of midnight and the “witching hour”. We feasted on her homemade popcorn balls, cinnamon candied apples, apple fritters and donuts. We bobbed for apples until we were drenched and squealed with giggles waiting to see who would find the apple with the worm. Over the years I have been a ghost, a princess, little Orphan Annie, various types of witches, a gypsy, an old woman, a fortune teller, a wood nymph, a ballerina…and the list goes on. This year both of my adult daughters are cats. One will be masquerading in Rome, Italy and the other in Eugene. My oldest son is Pan, complete with horns and wool chaps. I am heading into my closet and cupboards to find something to celebrate the thinning between the worlds, when the veil is a mist and all which has come before and all which will come after appear side by side…and await the witching hour; the delight of magic and the brewing of mystery.


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