“That’s my karma…that’s not my karma…instant karma…bad karma…good karma…karma”. The good, the bad and the ugly; karma eventually finds its way, showing up on everyone’s doorstep, saying “yes it’s me”. The “fruits of our labor” carrying us further down the path of awareness and responsibility. Cause and effect, everything which goes around comes around and no matter what our course karma will always bring us back to ourselves.

Every once in awhile, we come head on into a karma whose time has come and we cannot derail. It is like a fast train moving down the track and for the life of us all we can do is hold on and hope to recognize the scenery. I recently found myself stepping into a particular karma to be met and released; oh, some mighty scary territory; not the current story itself, as it was only the vehicle on which we would travel upon, but in the recognition of the karma and its previous landscape.

It is a powerful and humbling thing to recognize one’s karma; to know without a shadow of a doubt what is standing before us and say okay…OKAY…let’s go. Like a whirlwind, it caught me up and off off off it went; a momentum of its own, moving according to the currents of its nature. It required everything of me, stripped down and bare. For months I gave it my focus and attention. It was with me when I woke in the morning and the last awareness of the day as I lay my head to my pillow. Working through karma is warrior work. Hard task, constant awareness, alert, daunting, disciplined and the necessity of demand without regard for the ego. And this I found to be the absolute surrender, releasing the ego and all arguments, for it serves no purpose. I found I had to get out of my own way over and over again. I prayed. I prayed. I spent some much time with my face to the floor, “Let me meet this. Let me not falter. Let me not be ruled by my fear, weakness, resistance, doubts. Let me navigate by the truth of my heart and let me surrender it all.” At times the pain was so great it gripped my heart, piercing and wretched…and my mind, it arrived to cast doubt and second guess as many aspects as could get my attention. My mind accusational; questioning, demanding voice and validity, arguing for sound reason and rationale. A task in and of itself, to continually bring it back to a neutral space and move onward and forward again. And so it went day by day a deeper quickening in my awareness. I found as time passed not only the profound revealed itself, but the subtle as well in the quiet spaces between. A comprehension of the depth and breadth of what was transpiring bloomed…bloomed and I stood in a place of awe…as this process, this movement was leaving no stone unturned. I considered the magnitude, the timing, the capacity; the love, the sacredness and the devotion.

The day arrived when I knew it was done. This travail had reached its end; a burden was released, falling back in the wake behind me. A sense of being purified permeated my awareness and a pleasure; a pleasure so deep and profound in knowing I had met the task and its requirements, seen it through to completion; I ran the good race and victory…victory. Are there riches enough to compare? Is there a beauty greater to behold? Is there a desire or yearning more pressing to the soul? These are the miracles of life in the awareness of being. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to move through and release something so great within our own soul process and the territory it will cover envelopes the soul path in such a comprehensive fashion in ripples out and out and out, bringing us back to the core of pure existence. Through it all the dimensions of love are opened wide and wider still, showing the deeper presence of the Divine and the Face we seek. In the remembering abides love. In the discovery abides love, in the travails abides love and in the awakening abides the utmost.

Wahe Guru Ji Ki Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh


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