Come Forth

Come forth O Soul.

Come forth and be the true Light

Of my Being.

Walk forth with me,

Stand tall within my spine,

Breathe the depth of breath into my lungs.

Reach into the Heart of the Divine.

Be my cup.

Fill me to overflow.

Baptize me in the waters

Of the mysteries of thy spirit.

Be my imprint, my skin,

My Truth and Totality

Within the realm of God.

Be my Mother, my Father.

My honor, my frailty, my humanness.

Be my companion on the road.

Hold me to my Truth,

Do not separate.

Come forth with me into every

Note of my radiant song.

The eternal melody that trills the

Dawn of Love.

O Soul come forth.

Draw me close, enter as a lover.

Whisper soul sonnets in my ear.

Caress and sing me the

Song of the lost traveler

Too long from home.

I shall never leave… I shall never leave.

Bliss lies within the Breath of my Soul.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur


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