Khalsa Ladies Camp ~ 2007

I am back from Khalsa Ladies Camp and my annual trek to Vancouver B.C. and the Sunshine Coast. (I will post photos soon). We met upon a new land in a new way. Further up the coastline than our old meeting place, deeper in the forest; this land is beautiful. The wildflowers, dragonflies, eagles and hawks, bees, squirrels, bears, spiders and snakes; fairies, ancestors, nature spirits, keepers; all were present; seen and revealed. There wasn’t a veil between the dimension and planes. Everyone and everything shared meals together, bowed to the Guru, met for sadhana, moved through the land and showed their faces in photographs.

This year brought a merging of women’s camps. We had women present from KWTC New Mexico, Khalsa Ladies Camp Mexico and Khalsa Ladies Camp – India Yatra, Anandpur Sahib. Bringing together technology, teachings, lineage – concentrated, consolidated.

As women we walked the new land, moving from tent and shelter to gatka field, open-air kitchen, amazingly beautiful outdoor (cold!!) showers (a huge thank you and shout-out to the men of Khalsa Men’s Camp and Raj Yog Nivas for creating the most awesome showers!!!), dark starlit treks to sadhana, relaxation upon the grass, swims in the ocean…from Sat Nam Valley to the Young Adi Shakti’s gathering gazebo. Even though camp schedules at a pace of classes, meals, free time, etc., there was a sense of all being done in a meandering; softly and easily moving (floating) from one thing to the next; Dreamy, yet consciously aware and present in the here and now at the same time.

Tents up, tents down – 5 days in the open air, breathing deep the salty sea scents mingled with the deep aroma of mountains, trees, flowers and wafting down the path – cardamom, mung beans and rice, early morning chai and never ending yogi tea.

To the Punjabi women – Manorma, Surinder, Picku and Neelu, who prepared the most wonderful Indian meal, while they stood upon stools stirring huge pots with wooden paddles almost as tall as themselves, laughing and collaborating, tasting this and adjusting that till they were satisfied ~~ Thank you, thank you, thank you…

And to all the women past, present and future of Khalsa Ladies Camp, I hold you near and dear in the comings and goings; in the greeting, the missing, in the leaving and the arriving; we are all held in the sacredness of this space. In the ethers and upon the land we carry the power of the sword merged deep in the Primal Feminine ~ Sisters ~ Onward and Forward ~ Strong as Steel, Steady as Stone.


One thought on “Khalsa Ladies Camp ~ 2007

  1. waha guru je ka khalsa waha guru je ke fatah.
    sat sri akala
    manu yeh jaan ka bahut khushi hoe ha ka tusi anandpur sahib ta googal sarch da blog tayar kita ha ma v anandpur sahib ch rahnda ha mara janam es pawan darti ta hoya ha manu es da bahut mann ha
    thanks & regards
    kapil ghai

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