I have been taking a break from blogging. It happens now and then and the breaks are good. Gets the juices flowing in a different area and eventually brings the flow back again to these pages. It has been a summer filled so far with travels, children, grandchildren, healing work, gardening, fresh berries, sunshine, water, the delicious and decadent scent of lilies, old friends, fairies, nature spirits, music, laughter and Harry Potter.

I will be heading off to Khalsa Ladies Camp soon and will hopefully post before I leave.

In the meantime… a few pics of the garden and a recipe for a summer drink which is too damn good to not pass on! Enjoy!!

Basil Limeade

1 bottle Santa Cruz Limeade
a small handful (1/4 c. or less) fresh basil leaves
1/2 fresh lime

~Pour 1 c. of limeade into a blender. Add the washed basil leaves. Blend, blend, blend. Pour the mix into a pitcher or container along with the remaining limeade. Add the juice and pulp from the fresh squeezed lime. Chill and serve over ice.




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