I am back on the home front and slowly integrating my travels and adventures. The drive back was long, hot and beautiful. It allowed time to process, letting everything settle and ease in. I have been catching up on my sleep, reconnecting with my husband, perusing the yard and garden; nibbling on fresh strawberries, tiny and sweet while I look at trees, roses, blooming pink poppies and an overly enthusiastic bleeding heart. (no matter how much we divide this girl, she comes back BIG!) Sahaj is building an arbor in our front yard. While I was away he cut out more sod, planted several trees, greens, and dahlias. I missed my garden. The peonies came and went, as did the iris and the last of the early summer bulbs. It is a long and cold winter here. I look forward to every ounce of color which presents itself in the earliness of the summer season. Yet as I am aware of the color and texture moving around my garden, upon my travels I am meeting new expressions…stunning rock formations, striations of colored earth layered in the desert soil, the green oasis of my dear friends Guru Kirin K. and Dharam S. home and garden, the view of the valley driving down from solstice site, the rock “waves” which crop up out of the Utah desert, causing the experience of ocean and flow in a dry and barren landscape.

During my travels I spent time at two different hot springs. Pagosa Springs sits alongside the San Juan River in the most beautiful valley in Colorado. The sulfur springs purify and refresh. On the morning of my friend Har Pal Singh’s 40th birthday, 5 of us rose in the amrit vela and along with ipod, did a simple yoga set and sadhana in the 104 degree pool. In the sunrise, steam rising, chant flowing, the cool of the mountain morning. It was magical and sits in the top 5 of great experiences during my trip.

Ojo Caliente is the other hot springs I returned to for a soak. My husband, Sahaj and I had stayed here last year for a couple of days. Simple, uncontrived and organic, this hot springs in truly one of my favorites. Their combination of minerals is unique, with the iron arsenic tubs being my favorite. It was a girls night out, as a group of us caravaned up to the springs, where we soaked, connected, laughed, visited and entirely enjoyed each others company. As the sun set and the stars came out, the warmth of the springs and the joy of the company; the drive back, refreshed and relaxed, starlight, New Mexico and Loreena McKennitt.

Monday is the celebration of the 1000 th day since Yogi Bhajans passing. We are gathering at the Tumalo Yoga Center for meditation, yoga and a meal. In the Central Oregon evening we will sit upon the grass at the foot of the stunning Cascade Mountains. Conversation, stories, solstice energy, snow capped peaks of the Three Sisters….Faith , Hope and Charity, home town folks, vacationers, visitors. Summer is on and it is good to be home. It is good to be away and it is good to return…in the sweetness of these summer days.


One thought on “Home

  1. Glad you had a good visit in New Mexico. It was good seeing you at the summer events. Also I’m happy you got to go to Pagosa Springs for a soak. Check out my webshot slideshow on my blogsite with pictures from the Solstice, etc.

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