Travels and Arrivals

I am away from home these days. “Across the river and through the woods” traveling and arriving, traveling some more and another arrival…tired of traveling and plunking down into the final arrival, at least for now. Mountains and valleys, peaks and lakes, hot springs, desert sands. It is always always good to see old friends. Faces, they are a lovely thing aren’t they? So now it is time for tea and a visit; walks and work, adventures known and unknown. It is a good thing to make ones way out beyond the typical and predictable. Sometimes we need the steadiness of assurity, yet we also need the bold space of taking one step in front of the other, “blindly” moving with only intuition to guide us. It is a wild and uncertain terrain and oh so satisfying, separating the wants from the needs as life distills at a steady drip. At times I step very tentatively, toe-testing the emptiness in front of me. At other moments I dance my way with such abandoned joy that if I were to start to fall there would be no fear for I would dance my way down, down down…fearless, sure to arise again or not, for it is all the same. Ultimately I will arrive wherever I find myself upon the arrival, and this story will find its end and assuredly a new one will begin.


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