Blessings and Bliss

yb1.jpgThis morning I took some time to listen to a lecture by Yogi Bhajan. I can sit at my computer and tend to business and misc. and listen to his voice. I always have paper and pen at hand to take notes. I find myself often going back to some tidbit I want to write down; writing, pausing, writing some more until I have the golden nugget on paper. Something happens in the listening and writing and reading which brings it to my conscious mind in a more tangible fashion. Towards the end of this particular lecture he was talking about blessings and bliss….

“One who does not know the value of the blessing does not know what bliss is….if you do not know the gift of blessing, you do not know the virtue of blessing and you do not know the scope and fulfillment of bliss. Somebody asked me what is bliss. I said when your lover kisses you, how you feel…I said when God kisses you it is called bliss. Bliss is the kiss of Almighty God, heart to heart”.

To hear the complete lecture go to and click to listen to the lecture posted for April 16, 2007. You can also click onto the Audio/Video tab at the top of the page to find more Yogi Bhajan lectures.

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