Springtime and Live Sadhana

So I took a bit of a break from blogging, letting the posts sit as they may. At times there is nothing new to say. The energy of the spring equinox was so beautifully and jubilantly lovely, I wanted to revel in it and not be distracted or articulate. Bulbs are bold in their bright sun turned faces, trees rich in bloom, the smell of thawed earth…spring sits upon the doorstep; life breathes again, like Lazarus awakened from a deep sleep. And for that moment thoughts still and words cease. The wonder of it all…

“…This shivers me; I swear

A tune so bold and bare,

Yet fine as maidenhair,

Shakes every sense.

I’m five times five a man; I breathe

This sudden random song,

And, like you, bird, I sing,

A man, a man alive…”

And who wants to sit before the computer with the task of translating senses to words…”not I”, I cried, “Not today, not now, tomorrow maybe, tomorrow somehow”. I will steady my breath and collect my thoughts and focus to paper, to paper words upon the white space, painting portraits of spring landscape transforming the blank to pictures of delicious delight…and be lost all over again in the intoxicating revelry of spring.


On another note, last weekend here in Central Oregon; we had live sadhana and gudwara, a small gathering at the Tumalo Yoga Center and home of Jai Hari Kaur and Singh. The troupe from Eugene, Amrit Sadhana Kaur (home for spring break) and Nirinjan Kaur and Siri Amrit Singh, brought lovely chants and kirtan to our outpost and blessed us immensely with guitar, harmonium, tablas and voices. So lovely and beautiful. The vibration filled the space, flowing out upon the land, into the water and the air, carrying it to every nook and cranny of lava rock and juniper tree.

Many heartfelt thanks to Nirinjan Kaur, Siri Amrit Singh and Amrit Sadhana Kaur for joining us in this celebration of spring; this sacred sound in our desert home. May they grace us with their presence again and may the vibration from this day move through the heart of the land and the people stirring chords of healing and love.

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