The Trouble with Love?

Aahh…love. It sounds so lovely doesn’t it? A world full of love, a home, a community, a family; it fills our dreams, awake and asleep; awakening us to a world which holds the potential, to move beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Love is preached from the pulpit, in the synagogue, temple, gudwara. Its virtues are expounded and its script fills the Holy books. We are in love with love and the promises it may bring.

…And this is the deal with love, it is not a romantic or virtuous gift bestowed by a God outside of ourselves. It is not an emotion. It is a way of being, a state of awareness. Love is inherent in all things. When I understand this way of being, I will experience love within and without and all that is inherent in this awareness will be my experience. We tend to engage with the illusions of love…”someday our prince (princess) will come…” roses bloom, birds sing, the barren becomes fertile and the desert blooms. All the thorns in our life will become petals and Utopia is our playground.

Love is a sadhana and seva. If I choose the discipline of awareness it will create an effect; it has its asanas and correlating breath. Adjusting my posture , tending to the inhale and exhale, practiced with consciousness and intention over a period of time will produce a result. As with any yoga, it manifests an awareness which will move me into an expanded state of truth. Truth is love. If I live in the awareness of love, then I will experience love and I will walk in the reality of love. I will manifest love, attract love, and bestow love.

And such is the trouble with love….it is not magic or a fairytale. It is a choice. It will only manifest itself to the degree in which I serve and surrender. If I am filled with fear and doubt, sorrow, disbelief, judgment and guilt, then this is how I will love. I will send out this belief and call the same belief system back to myself. It will surely be met, as it seems the greatest disappointment in the human experience is in the “story” of love.

My heart, my heart wants to bloom forth in the abundance of love; to sing the melodies of truth unfolding within the being and seeing. I want to move way….way beyond the mind and its attachments, allowing dreams and fairy tales to fall away in the awareness of the breath. If I sit within the breath of love, I will be love. As I breathe, so I am.


“Gone, gone, gone beyond,

Gone completely beyond.

O awakened mind!

So may it be.”


The Heart Sutra


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