Indwell, Indwell

This is a good day. This is a good life. From where I live love abounds. Indwell, indwell. Where is the doubt, the fear? What do I have to forfeit to entertain them? No today, not tomorrow…not now. There are prayers to pray and love to give, kindness to share, devotion to serve…and beauty… beauty everywhere.

There are hills and valleys, cached with abundance, each to their measure, sure to enrich my life with wisdom and compassion. If I sojourn in a valley for a time, let me remember when the air gets a bit thick and heavy, upon the peaks the air is equally sharp and thin. It is the mid-ground I compass point, providing clearest vision of the highs and lows. I am thankful for the hindsight and foresight inherent in the stillness of practice.

In the heart, in the subtle space, in the flow, in the birthright …shall I forget the promise? In the crown, in the mantle, upon the brow …shall I forget the commission? In the remembering, in the knowing, in the carriage…I speak the Name and I Be.

Lest in a moment, I chance to forget, I place myself amongst the Saints of the Holy, and am brought back upon the sound currents of the Sacred; to the hearth, to the home of my Beloved. In the nectar, within the cup, upon my lips, I draw in this day. In this goodness, in this surrender….Indwell, indwell.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur


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