Rivers and Tides

riv.jpgRivers and Tides is a stunning portrait of the work of Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy whose mediums are whatever nature delivers to his doorstep. Mr. Goldsworthy creates organic sculptors and designs from earth elements with a Zen type simplicity in materials and concept. His work may last until the sun comes up, the wind blows, the rain comes…or endure, stone strong and sturdy, like bones and joints exposed upon the land. I was struck with his reverence and appreciation, his curiosity and his sincere artists eye. Mr. Goldworthy creates for the sheer pleasure of the art, his sense of play is lovely. He walks the countryside gathering dandelions to create a yellow circle on the grass or a floating blossom cluster in the pool of a rock on the riverside. He crushes iron ore pebbles found in the river to make balls of blood red pigment paste and releases them into the stream. We watch as it clouds and swirls, finds its current and moves slowly with the flow  returning back to the place it came from…the riverbed. Such beauty! Purist art which speaks for itself, unadorned and unpretentious. Mr. Goldsworthy works each project as it comes his way, creating from the gifts at hand. The nature of his work changes all the time as it is conditional upon time and space and elements, it is like watching performance art. Part of the pleasure of his work is the transient quality, savored in the breath; quiet, contemplative and pure.



Rivers and Tides is available through Netflix.


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