Peace By Peace

peace-circle-2.jpgPeace X Peace is a global organization designed to connect women from around the world for the promotion of peace. The organization works on the concept of circles. Circles of women are created through registering on their website. Each “circle” is then connected with another “circle” of women somewhere else in the world. This creates a way for women to come together in a grass roots fashion to support the awareness and advancement of peace. It provides an opportunity for women to move past limitations of language and distance barriers and move as one heart to heal ourselves and heal the world.

All this is done over the internet. I can sit down at my computer and visit with a women in Brazil, Nepal, Ireland…..(the list is endless) about life and love, being a woman, peace, kindness, enterprise…. I can specifically choose to connect with a group who is interested in healing, music, textiles, yoga, politics, business, education, etc. or I can choose to be non-specific and ask where the greatest need is and be connected to a circle in that particular country.


Peace X Peace is a profound concept and its mission is spreading quickly. Women are wanting to connect. We desire to create change. We envision a peace for ourselves, our children, our planet. By connecting through the heart chakra, in hearing the voices and stories of our collective selves we create a mighty force. I have yet to meet a woman whom when she sets her heart and intention to a specific purpose does not manifest its measure. We are the change we have been waiting for. Peace is a sadhana. It takes commitment, focus, discipline, time and intention. Rise up, rise up….

For more information about Peace X Peace, or contact information on how to get someone to come present a workshop in your community, temple, church, synagogue, etc. go to


2 thoughts on “Peace By Peace

  1. Meg Brookover gave this address to me and you have a wonderful commentary on Peace x Peace. Your site is lovely, too. I’m going to look all around it!
    Thank you for your interest and support for Peace x Peace. I hope we can have a whole city of Peace x Peace! Frances

  2. Greetings from Peace X Peace!

    My friend and colleague just walked into my office and said “you have to see this particular blog”. We are all so honored and thrilled that the work of women connecting around the world is spreading. I was in Bend, Oregon with Meg Brookover and Francis Jones several weeks ago as they sponsored a PEACE X PEACE day at First Presbyterian Church. I was so impressed with the diverse group who attended, the sense of “readiness” for our global connections, and for the level of sophisticated awareness of women’s issues. Thank you, all – for spreading the word!

    Namaste! Linda Higdon, US Outreach Dr.of Peace X Peace

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