The Scalar Room Pt. 2

A group of people came together in the scalar room yesterday. All were participants in the scalar room research. Some of the initial findings have started to come in, so we gathered to discuss results and meditation.

80 people took part in the study, 70% women – 30% men. Over 70% noted they had a shift in consciousness, awareness or had an “expansive” experience while meditating in the enhanced space. Overall participants are noting an affect showing up in the subtle space. The final results are yet to come.

I found it very enjoyable to sit and exchange thoughts, processes and experiences with other meditators. We all come from different schools and traditions. As everyone went around the room introducing themselves, there was a sense of”fullness” hearing the names of teachers and masters brought into the room through their students. Each person brought a different aspect to the exchange and the language was clear and precise. Most of the people in the room have been meditating for 8-10 years or longer and are teachers, healers and or energy workers. Wes, a man in his 70’s has been meditating for over 40 years. His thoughtful mindfulness was rich and lovely.

This research has opened up a doorway in our area for an inclusive and expanded meditative society . It is important to connect, to concentrate and consolidate, to move through the comfort zones of our own ilk and meet and greet our fellow brothers and sisters as we continue to approach the Aquarian Age. It is important for each individual to come to their own school of discipline in an awareness of that which will provide them with the support and technology they need to meet their destiny. It is equally important to bring the totality of the integrated teachings to society and the world at large. A beautiful merge of hearts, minds and spirits.


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