Lotus Love – The Kiss of Light

In the sacredness of this day,
I sit upon the lotus flower and
inhale soundly the fragrance of Holy incense.

Deep within the center of the blossom,
upon the throne of the Adi Shakti,
the Goddess of creation plaits her hair;
glistening with the dew of ambrosial nectar.

Holy, Holy is her breath; perfumed by her
transcendent purity. Inhale her scent fully
in the truth of golden knowing; bow deep,
heartened awareness of her complete fruition.

Purest melodies couple in the current of her
voice; stroking…whispering…nurturing
the pulse of seed and ova…coaxing the
still-point of conception from her petaled womb.

Flow, flow; merge through the throne of bliss.
Gather root-deep the mysteries of cosmic tides;
sail the world ocean upon the blooming lily bed;
birthing, bestowing; Kiss of Light upon the brow.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur Boyd

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