Bones of the Mother; Marrow of Light

Rocks and stones, gems and minerals. We dig heartily into the earth to search out the bones of the Mother. We go down, down, down to find her stores of nuggets, veins, clusters; the mother-lodes. Descending into the subterranean, chiseling for the light, for glitter and gold; for all things sacred and the deep, scouring out the riches in the dark, in the depths. The greatest commodities valued upon this planet are below the surface; great gifts hidden in the stratum, ready to be unearthed and brought to light, to enhance our lives and whisper the truth of the Mother, her pulse still echoing within their core.

What treasure are hidden within the shadow realm and the dark recesses of the human experience? What great commodities are waiting to express their value, value beyond compare? Down through the layers of the psyche; spelunking, mining. My lamp and chisel tools of the trade, a song and a prayer to stay my path and trust, trust I will find my way. God forbid I shun my shadow-self, God forbid I value the light over the dark, God forbid I fear to tread the path which leads to great unearthed treasures waiting to be brought to the surface to serve, beautify, manifest and heal… and God forbid I be unwilling to do the work, wrestle my demons, converse with the skeletons in my closet and runaway crying deep into the night “monsters, monsters!!” Lest I miss beauties like these in the marrow of my being…. revealing the glories of the deeps with magnifying radiance in the light. Riches, abundance and prosperity galore, realized and revealed, without fear….without fear.


Blue Topaz



Gold with Quartz


Rhodochrosite With Pyrite


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