2007 – A 9 Year; A Year of Change

Here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts, renewed commitments, growth, expansion, discipline, breakthroughs, fecundity, sadhanas, hard work, surrender, joy and mastery…2007, a 9 year, a year of change. All things outdated, void, without integrity or spiritual content will be challenged. It is a year to rid ourselves of old habits, vises, constructs, systems, relationships, which are no longer valid….which bog us down or keep us idling. To act as a conscious participant in cleaning out our personal and collective drawers, closets, cupboards, attics, basements, cubbyholes and recesses; lighten our load. A year to solidly and steadily move through areas in which we are stuck and complacent; to transform and emerge purified and purposeful. A year to move into a higher vibration in order to stay the flow of change and ride the wave of transformation. Hard work Brothers and Sisters…hard work, but work which when done is good and sound. A job well done, a task completed and the reward is crystal clean clarity and unbound lightness; purified, sanctified and ready.


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