The Scalar Room

I recently took part in a energetic study. A woman in our area is working on her PhD. in the metaphysical field of energetic science. She and her husband have created a Scalar Room. (*A scalar field is defined at the bottom of this post.)

The purpose of the scalar room is to create an enhanced environment in which all electromagnetic fields have been eliminated. The room, in the focus of enhancement, has over 80,000 quartz crystals encrusted on the beams running around the top of the room in an overlapping, interwoven continual pattern. Sacred geometry is incorporated throughout the space; inlaid in copper in the floor with its centerpoint directly underneath the overhead stained glass dome which is a concave 6′ diameter piece containing geometry, symbols and more crystals. There are 8 computers (specific to this type of work, but I cannot remember the details) in a octagonal arrangement around the room, scrolling up and down with positive affirmations running continually across the screen in alignment with a sequence of sacred numbers. (The fans have been removed from the computers, which are cooled by hydro-towers behind the computers, so the room is completely silent.) There are large “working” (4-5) crystals placed in front of each computer. The room has a balance of elements .The brilliance in design and thought is evident. The nature of the room is very specific, and in and of itself is stunning.

Under the guidelines of the study, the individual commits to three days of meditation and questionnaires. The purpose is to determine whether the scalar room affects the nature of and the individuals experience of meditation in the enhanced space. It goes like this. The criteria is to be at least 20 years of age or older and been conducting a meditative practice for a minimum of 3 years. The participants come from a variety of paths, cultures, traditions, ages and economic backgrounds

Day 1: Meditate in normal environment for 60 minutes. Fill out questionnaire upon completion

Day 2: Duplicate “normal” meditative experience in the scalar room. Fill out questionnaire upon completion.

Day 3: Meditate in normal environment again. Fill out questionnaire.

I conducted my part in the study last week. I did my meditation individually, per my typical home experience. In the duplication of my environment I took my pillow (a mat was provided), sadhana cd, shawl, water and a print out of So Purkhs. I also took my timer as I wanted to do my prosperity meditation. There is a 2 hour time-slot for each study participant. I altogether spent approx. 85 minutes fully engaged in meditation, chant and prayer.

This room is a hummin’ and jivin’ space. It serves its purpose well. Many people have a somewhat enhanced space for their meditation, but this…this is a whole new enhancement and I have never meditated or even been in a space similar to this before. The energy is intense and constant, which for me, resulted in a manifestation of a some physical restlessness. Yet I had a keen awareness. The room emanated what I will call a “happiness” which was just pure delight. It was also pure “eye candy” as the room is engaging with a plethora of things to grab attention, curiosity and exploration. I felt somewhat like a kid who just stumbled upon Santa’s workshop filled with toys and goodies, magic and mystery; like some great wondrous space of my childhood self fully connecting and experiencing deep deep joy; like being undersea, among the celestials, deep in the forest, high upon the plains, within the very mystery and miracle… all at the same time.

There was no great “spiritual” revelation itself, in many ways there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. The restless I experienced was not particularly comfortable, so I had to go through a process of allowing and seeing, adjusting, yoga and sensations. Everything just rolled along. It could have been an experience in my own home on any particular day. But in this room, on this day, under these circumstances, in relation to this study this was my experience.

What a treat! What a gift! I will continue to have my experience. I am staying in a 40 day space to fully integrate. The results of the study will be made available to the participants. I am interested to see what this may bring and what this has to tell us about the times, ourselves, this space and the coming of a new age.


Scalar Field

“In mathematics and physics, a scalar field associates a scalar value, which can be either mathematical in definition, or physical, to every point in space. Scalar fields are often used in physics, for instance to indicate the temperature distribution throughout space, or the air pressure. In mathematics, or more specifically, differential geometry, the set of functions defined on a manifold define the commutative ring of functions.

Just as the concept of a scalar in mathematics is identical to the concept of a scalar in physics, so also the scalar field defined in differential geometry is identical to, in the abstract, to the (unquantized) scalar fields of physics.”


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