A Girl Child: The Voice of Dreams

“Someday”, said the girl, “I will write a book or create a ballet. I will climb the highest mountain and view the world from the steepest peak. Maybe I will captain my own ship and live on a tiny island with the most brilliantly colored butterflies. I will become an architect and design a magical castle. It will have a stream that runs right through the middle of it, with ferns growing up from the floor. At night I will fall asleep listening to the sound of the water running through the night of my castle. If I want to,
I might live like a Bedouin in the desert, riding a camel with bells tinkling from the hems of my robes. I may perform a one woman play or be the genius behind a great rock and roll band…and being a scientist would be awesome. I will make new discoveries to help all the people. They will be happier, not worry so much, and feel
less angry. I’ll compose beautiful music, so people won’t be afraid to be alone, or even to die. I will hold babies that are sick and sing them songs which will make them feel much better. Perhaps I will plant a huge garden where people can pick flowers and vegetables. Everyone will have something pretty to look at and always have food to eat. I will smile at everybody so they won’t feel so sad and tell them stories of faraway places. I will plant lots and lots of trees and then sit and listen to them. I will have great adventures and be very brave. Yep, someday, someday when I am big, I will do something amazing”.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur


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