White Shell House

White Shell House

I dreamed of a house with white shells.
Brilliant and clean in the sun
Soft and cool in the moon.
Windchimes – shells tinkled in the breeze,
and a sign on the wall…
“Welcome to White Shell House”.

In the turning of the soil, white shells
were unearthed.
I wore Mother of Pearl beads around my neck,
and walked through this house as
White Shell Woman –
sage stick in hand, hair down my back
white robe trailing behind me.

A marriage of sea and desert.
White shells amoung the lava rock, sagebrush
and sand.
White shells in hand….
bringing the home to my people.

White Shell Woman as I,
sipped tea together in my garden,
in the sun, in the moon –
A sea bloomed in the desert.

Sadh Bakshish Kaur


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