My Daily Bread

It has been a bit since I actually sat and wrote a post. There is still a fair amount of transition happening on the home front and murmurs of more in the future. jp0010japanese-geisha-in-fall-leaves-posters.jpgMy oldest daughter and grandson will be moving to Eugene the end of this month. I am excited for them to create change for themselves, yet they will be missed, and I am appreciating Eugene only being a few hours away. Our home will be a bit quieter. We have been adjusting to this new level of quiet since our youngest went off to school last fall. So now “stage 2” is upon us and we will adjust some more.

I have many thoughts rolling through my mind. They come and go. I am thinking about simplicity and how rich a gift it is. I am thinking about the great pleasure in simple everyday things, like a new ironing board, a good iron and the zen space of ironing clean cotton to crisp smooth loveliness. I am also thinking about how in the morning I rise in the dark and light a candle here and there around the house as I prepare for sadhana, and how lovely the soft glow of candlelight gently lights my home, leaving the quiet shadows and shelters of remaining dark to awaken and fade slowly into the day.

In the midst of transition, daily sadhanas and gratitude keep me soft and calm. They provide a way for me to view all the stories moving around me, while not engaging with them. I go through my process of emotion and mind, yet without attachment there is no reaction….and the story just rolls along, while not denying myself any of my truth in relation to it….

Besides it is Fall, unfolding in all its colors; the sky moody as we enter into the dusk of the seasons. I want to put on a pot of soup, drink a cup of tea, read a good book and let the changes tend to themselves.

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2 thoughts on “My Daily Bread

  1. Sat Nam Dear One…It is Guru Gadhee Day today and I am so far away from my Khalsa sangat. I was just taking a bath and feeling the loss of that loving family and thinking when I got back next week to revitalize my sadhana. As you said, it really is the key to emotional and mental neutrality and guidance. Thank you for the affirmation and blessings.

  2. Sat Nam Ji…blessings to you as venture far from home. May your time away refresh and deepen your creativity. May you breathe deep the air of the Carolina fall, revel in the color of her changing season and exhale your fullness into the beauty of the ambrosial hour.

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