Pure Ganesh

pure-ganesh.jpgThis new recording by GuruGanesha Singh is what I have playing in my cd player these days. It is such a beautiful work. I recently found myself describing my feelings about this music…. “like a cup overflowing, flowing down across the table and onto the floor, creating a rivulet, unto a stream, unto a river”. It is a gift of love, wrapped in bliss. Give this as a gift to yourself, give it to someone else. Put it into your cd player and let it flow…flow…flow; the sound of love and devotion.

Pure Ganesh is available through www.spiritvoyage.com


3 thoughts on “Pure Ganesh

  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ke fateh

    Dear Khalsa Ji, just a question and a thought, regrding the cover of this album, would it not be a bit confusing for people not knowledgable in Sikhism to see this cover and see pictures of the hindu gods/goddesses and then see the ik Ounkar there?
    I guess the reason for puttin them on is because of the name of the artist but I personally think its sending out a wrong messege.
    People already think Sikhism is just another sect from within Hinduism, which is totally wrong.

    What are your thoughts, I would like to ask the artist directly but dont have his details, so maybe if you know him you could ask?

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ke fateh

    Mandip Singh

  2. This is the response GuruGanesha emailed to me in response to Mandip Singhs comment: “I’m a committed Khalsa Sikh but the Siri Singh Sahibji gave me a Hindu name for a reason. It is my belief that in the Aquarian Age, all the illusions of separateness will start to fall away including the boundaries between religions. That certainly is my prayer.” GuruGanesha Singh

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