Quotable Quotes

“The universe’s only purpose is to enable us to embrace our magnificent true nature. All of creation vibrates with magnetism. We are in a continuous state of exaltation. To know this love is to become this love. We are not fish, bird, animal, human, microbe and molecule. We are energy in a gross and subtle state at once. When we learn to tame and garner our forces, we become love. Love is not an emotion, it is our ultimate state of being.”   Maya Tiwara Ayurveda, a Life of Balance

…It is argued that because they believed thoroughly in a just, moral God they could put their faith there and let the smaller insecurities take care of themselves. But I think that because they trusted themselves as individuals, because they new beyond doubt that they were valuable and potentially moral units – because of this they could give God their own courage and dignity and then receive it back. Such things have disappeared perhaps because men do not trust themselves any more, and when that happens there is nothing left except perhaps to find some strong sure man, even though he may be wrong, and do dangle from his coattails.”  East of Eden by John Steinbeck

“At the end of a man’s life his thoughts turn towards his Mother. After everything else, it is his Mother his heart comes to. Everything always comes back to the Mother”.  Yogi Bhajan

“….I don’t personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed”.  Maya Angelou

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