When there was no other place for me to exist,

when life beat the faintest pulse,

beauty came through to me.

When I could not believe in God,

when all goodness had disappeared from my vision,

when the smallest point of light could not be seen,

she drew near.


She met me in my weary unlikable place and

brought the slightest scent of roses,

the subtlest hint of line and color.

Beauty wrapped me in her arms and

poured her balm upon my head.

She sat beside me and shared her form.

She revealed the treasures of the shadow and

eased the apprehension of the light.


Beauty revealed what dances and what stills.

She uncovered her pure expression,

as nothing exists without the presence of beauty;

(for in all ugliness dwells shades of beauty and

in all beauty dwells the hues of ugliness.

They are akin.)


And such began my healing journey.

When all was lost,

beauty prevailed unafraid and unadulterated and

pierced my heart, intoned her expression;

filled me with the loyalty of love.

I slowly lifted my head, took a breath

and life began anew.


In the servanthood of beauty,

I will go where she leads me and

bow to the tasks she places before me.

I will testify in her name and

evangelize for her purpose, unashamed and

unadorned; A disciple of Her love.


Sadh Bakshish Kaur


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