The Waning of Summer

I am feeling ready for summer to wind down a bit. Our days here are still quite warm, 90 – 100 degrees. The garden is full, strawberry plants running amuck like unruly children riotous in their last bold grab at summer. This week I will pick the basil and pop it into the food processor with olive oil, garlic, walnuts and parmesan, putting up enough pesto to get us through the winter. Tomatoes sit sprawled out upon the kitchen counter along with jalapenos, pasilla peppers and eggplants. Eat it up, eat it up, it will all be gone soon and I will dream of next summers harvest in all its splendor and promise. The hours of hard work in the flower garden, and Rob (Sahaj Singh’s) green green thumb shows flowery display in beds of abundant blooms; coral, pink, red, lavender, yellow, white fill our house, arranged in vases flowing from room to room.

September in the desert often delivers the long stretch of an Indian summer, the sun intense and bold in the waning of the season. The temperatures will slowly start to dip with the coming of Fall, the soup kettle will come out and the scent of apples, crisp and fresh, will fill my kitchen. I will take my flannel out of the closet and my morning walk will leave my cheeks rosy. With warmest regards I will bid goodbye to summer, in gratitude for the abundance and blessing which only she can bring, and savor sights, sounds and smells of that which drifts farther down the lane behind me with every step I take. Releasing the abundance of one to move into the abundance of another…I am looking forward to the Fall; I am looking forward to it all.



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