Holiday and Khalsa Ladies Camp

I am leaving early tomorrow morning on a roadtrip. My daughters and I are heading up Vancouver, B.C. way for Khalsa Ladies Camp. It is a annual pilgrimage…and worthy, worthy, worthy of my time. Today I am in final steps mode; packing bedding, batteries and bana. 🙂 I am looking forward, with delight, to meeting with good friends, as some of these women I only see once a year. And what better place is there to meet than in the forest which touches the ocean taking us into the heart space of this magical time . Yes, Yes, I am an enthusiast!!

I will most likely not be posting for a week or so. In the meantime, I am leaving this poem which I wrote several years ago, but somehow seems oh so appropriate.



I am contemplating taking a break – from….oh so much wondering, processing, looking, seeing, knowing, searching….
I am inviting having a fantastic summer of adventure, sunshine, blue skies, water, fresh air, children, husband, music and love.
I am inviting all my loved ones on this
Holiday with me….away from the maddening crowd.

I believe I shall hang a sign on my life, “Gone on Holiday“.
I shall melt into the days and leave the rest to the gods.
I shall lighten my load and look for nothing save the dawn of the sun to greet my day.
I shall choose the notes to swing and sway…and these will be my prayers, my meditation, my heart…cuz if God(dess) doesn’t know me by now, they never will.

I shall lie striving down alongside my mind and chant “I don’t care to be anything other than who I am today” and even leave that to the bees and dragonflies to consider on a warm summer day.

I shall leave my accumulated self by the side of the road with a cardboard sign which reads “Need a ride. Goin’ south”.

….Choose the hot summer day and fresh peaches. Hear melodies meander through my heart and watch grandbabies laugh and play in the sprinklers and know I am home.

Tis a simple thing. There needn’t be more…Just a Grand Holiday.



Sadh Bakshish Kaur Boyd



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