I love to dance. It is good for my soul. There is a sensory freedom in the movements of dance and I meet song there in a different way. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to express myself in relation to melody; a note, a line, chord can exist in this place of such utter-ness. How does one find expression for the depth in which music can be felt? It can be an effort to articulate. Yet dance seems to find its way through, showing up in the rhythm and pulse, the pierce and the echo.

Music penetrates. Sound current is orchestrated in its resonance and it always delivers, bypassing the mind and connecting with the chakras. I have found however the music delivers, through whatever chakras it vibrates, it will be revealed in the expression of the dance…and no matter what it is a heady experience. I may thoroughly enjoy a song but will not have a full awareness of how I experience it until I dance it. When the step and the sway meet the beat and melody then I see and I know. I move it out and have an understanding of myself in relation to the sound. I am aware of what chakra the sound current vibrates with and my response… And one song can brilliantly resonate and move through all the chakras bringing in such a full and powerful measure.

Dance is endless in its expression, crafting fresh avenues of articulation; awaiting adventure in a new compilation or an old familiar step. So I dance, in an untrained organic fashion as I have since I was a young girl, shuffling through 45s, stacking them high on the phonograph and dance, dance, dance –  uninhibited and with abandon, music loud and uncensored; Revelry of soul and sound.


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