Love and Truth

I recently read an article, in which I came upon this paragraph;

“The New Age market is filled with all kinds of people peddling all kinds of wares and making all kinds of claims. Most of the time, these people don’t really make any serious money because they fail to realize that they are the product. *The moment you grasp that you are selling Love or Truth, then your brand becomes much more powerful because you see it for what it really is –* a trick to make others feel safe about who you are and what you are doing. Truth is the most unsafe product there is, and it is the most rewarding product there is.* If you are marketing Truth, you have to play this game, or you won’t have any real success. Once you have realized that your brand or product is really an excuse for you to pass a sacred transmission down your fractal line…” (*Emphasis mine)

It might also say “…with this trick you become an active player in the game of solicitous deception to seduce others by preying upon their pain and suffering…”

There is nothing sacred here. “…Oh the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.” We live in a world in love with illusion. Illusion is the number one marketed product on the planet. It affects us on a continual basis. The maya present in the illusions creates pain and suffering, recycling us around and around and around. It takes substantial discipline to break through the illusions of maya and realize truth.

Truth is not a commodity; it cannot be bought or sold. It is not a brand name. Truth cannot be cloaked, altered, molded or manipulated. It exists in and of itself in utter sacredness. Truth serves Truth and is the key to a Fearless Life. It is a birthright. To accept it and live it takes tremendous courage, commitment and the heart of a warrior.

We are called forth in truth to live truth. The attempt to create the illusion of safety around it is impossible, yet it is in the nature of maya to try to do otherwise. We say, “the truth is hidden…I have to find the truth…the truth will be revealed”, yet these statements have no truth themselves. Truth is always present, it is never hidden or concealed, does not have to be found. Just because our “eyes do not see and our ears do not hear” does not mean anything other than we are blind and deaf. As we realize truth we start to come out from under the spell of illusion and become conscious of its ceaseless presence.

To “play the game” is to stay immersed in and perpetuate the maya. We feed the endless cycle of suffering. It is in this house of ill repute where the “original sin”, of maya was conceived…that we are separate from God. Maya takes us outside of the self and we build our self and our lives upon desires and attachments.

Truth is a sword and those who hold the sword are warriors of truth. Double edged, cutting both ways, it slices through illusion and wipes out the miasma of maya, allowing one to take their position and claim their birthright….through the sacred transmission of honor, integrity and righteousness.

God and me, me and God are one.

4 thoughts on “Love and Truth

  1. Mata,
    I have discovered why you are not left comments very often. I attempt to quote Lori H. when I say, “There is not much left to say after Sadh Bakshish has spoken”

  2. We are here to remember who we are. Maya is anything which distracts us from this. The Sanskrit word maya literally means “not that, or that which is not” Anything which takes us away or distracts us from Divine Consciousness or Truth is maya.

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