On a serious note, I recently was reading a report about the hardships post-Katrina on the website below.


They have been posting ongoing reportings on various issue about the people of New Orleans and Baton Rouge and the travesty of their living conditions, etc. If you go to their main page you can move around and find reports which have been updated as time goes on.

There is also another blog posting which is making its way around the blogworld, http://chartreuse.wordpress.com has posted an interview which is worth reading. Scroll down to “…People have no idea how out of control things are down here…”. It seems impossible but the stories are being confirmed.

My husband and I have recently been to a Dr. John concert and as I was reading these reports I was remembering how he talked about the Katrina victims and the conditions they are living under. He was upset, disgusted and appalled at what is transpiring in the lack of help and the blatant mistreatment of the people. He made the comment more than once that it has become a third world country and is being given about as much support and aid as a third world country which has no viable resources to be exploited and so therefore no political investment. He also stated “…do not send money to any of the large organizations set up to provide funds for the victims. It is not getting to the people”. Instead he encouraged the audience to check out his website at http://www.drjohn.org

At the top of the page you will find several organizatons in which the donations are actually getting to the people. I am sure there are others out there also. He strongly urged everyone to research before donating to ensure the organization is investing the money into supporting the victims of Katrina.

A very sad story and state of events. It seems there is very little media coverage of the tragedies and hardships within our own borders. So much, so much. It is heartbreaking. Tell me, what happens to a country which does not take care of and turns its back on its own? What befalls us when a blind eye is turned upon our own brokenness and we don’t protect and serve the vulnerable and despairing? I imagine we shall see, for it is written and so it shall be.


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