These Days

I am finding myself tired these days for no real reason. Summer solstice has come and gone with the days still in their stretch of length. I arise early to tend to my sadhana and head out the door for my morning walk before the heat of the day starts to gather. My routine is simple and uncomplicated. Yet I want to sleep, deep in the lazy days of summer. I want to nap like my cats with no thought of anything but a slumbering bliss.

This summer I am gathering sunshine, water, fresh air, flowers and fresh picked vegetables from the garden. I watch the bees buzz in my lavender plants, take long lovely walks in summer shirt and sun hat. I greet people, places and things one and the same in the warm expanse of sun and blue skies. I breath in the heady smell of wet grass and damp earth. I drink deeply the intoxicating scent of juniper and sage when the warmth of the sun releases their perfume. I revel in the summertime of this desert abode. It stays captured in my senses like essential oil drops in a bottle; absolute and precious.

…and it makes me want to dream. To throw a quilt out upon the grass under a tree and drift with the clouds, lullaby-ed by the sounds of summers ways.

Sometimes we need to curl up with a great book. Sometimes we need a good cup of tea. Sometimes we need quiet solitude or a visit with a friend….and sometimes we need to just stop and lie in the shade on a summers day. To slow the time still and linger in the bliss of a leisurely rest in the richness of the blooming season.



Our cats – Gus (the orange boy) and Feya (the black girl)


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